Why You Must Use a VPN for All Online Activity

why you must use a vpn

10 Reasons to use a VPN

Many of us nowadays can end up spending an uber amount of hours on the internet everyday. We read, write, stream music and videos, and even watch live TV and other content through the internet as it is today. While doing this, our personal data, identity, and our privacy are under constant threat. This is exactly where a VPN becomes necessary to protect us from these dangers. In this post, we will explain why you should never disregard the fact why you must use a VPN and get one right away!

Why you should use a VPN?

#1. Hide from Government Surveillance

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The rumors of internet surveillance began long before Edward Snowden made it public that NSA had a program to monitor their citizens’ online activity. In fact, governments worldwide are doing this and this is now a widely known fact. Every web search, website visited, email sent, etc. are screened by numerous government agencies. All of this is done in the name of national security and to safeguard the public. Incidentally, in the process, everything you do on the internet is tracked and personal data is collected and then shared amongst these agencies. In essence, your activity online becomes their property. This is where a VPN becomes a powerful tool to keep you and your presence hidden on the internet and hence from the world.

#2. Bypass Censorships

What can be worse than government surveillance? How about censorship of the internet. People in other countries have to deal with a lot of restrictions when it comes browsing the web and especially websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, and many news websites. Imagine having to live without these precious websites, which for many would be impossible. Some of these countries that practice internet censorship are China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. In these countries you must use a VPN to be able to do anything meaningful on the internet. VPNs allow you to change your IP address and thereby spoof your geographic location and also encrypt the traffic to hide your activity. This way you can bypass government censorship and access any website you want.

#3. Use Kodi and Other Similar Apps Freely 

Kodi Install for Firestick and Fire TV

Kodi is undoubtably the most premier media streaming app in today’s world. It not only gives you access to streaming services but also provides free streaming links to watch movies and TV shows from anywhere. But these free links aren’t always legal to use since they give you access to copyrighted content. Although it is legal to use Kodi, using it to access copyrighted content is not. Many addons in Kodi can lead you to such content and If you are found to be doing this by your ISP or legal authorities, then you can be in serious trouble.  IPVanish VPN can help you stay undetected and use it without any trouble.

Disclaimer: We do not condone copyright infringement. We strongly advise our users not to stream/download illegal content. VPNs should be used to safeguard your privacy, not to access copyright content.

#4. Unblock Websites at School and Work

Many schools, universities, and workplaces commonly block access to entertainment services and websites so that students/work-staff remain focus on studies and or work-related activity. With the use of a VPN, you can bypass these filters and experience the web fully.

#5. Protect Your Personal Data and Identity

Just about all of us use the internet for making all kinds of purchases, payments and for accessing our financial institutions and bank accounts. Obviously, this can be our most important and sensitive information that we hide from everyone. Unfortunately, bad actors and professional internet scammers can intercept your data when it is getting transferred. You can prevent this from happening by simply using a VPN due to the encryption process that they use for all of the data passing through their servers. VPNs ensure that your sensitive information is guarded and safe.

#6. Hide Your Activity Online

You quite possibly have already been digitally profiled by your name with many leading ads, investment, and healthcare industries. In turn, these companies acquire and use this information to give you targeted ads and offers. However, it can’t be denied that a lot of your digital history is in their possession. While it is nearly impossible for you to completely wipe erase that information, you can at least prevent them from having anything further going forward. Using a VPN can put an end to all the spying and data collection. Once connected to a VPN, all anyone can see of you is the VPN itself, and nothing behind that fact. This effectively hides your online activity from your ISP, from Government surveillance, and from these trackers as well.

#7. Unblock Geo-Restricted Services Like Netflix USA

Many of the streaming services on the internet are only available in certain parts of the world. BBC iPlayer, Spotify, Pandora, Hulu, Popcorn Time, etc. are all prime examples of these services that citizens across the planet are eager to use, but unfortunately, only few can use based on their location. This is not to say that Netflix isn’t available everywhere, but the specific libraries vary based on country, and many users are annoyed by this. Netflix USA is the desired version, but as the name suggests, it is for US citizens only. With a Netflix VPN, you can fake your geographic location and access all these geo-restricted services.

#8. Browse Safely on Open Public Networks

If you travel a lot, then you almost frequently connect to public wireless networks. Most people have job requirements that have them travel all over accessing this open, public networks where your sensitive data can be even more susceptible because the security of these networks is horribly non-existent for the most part. This makes it simple for anyone to see what you are doing when you are connected to these networks. Imagine if you might be accessing your bank account or corporate data when connected to these public networks. Obviously, you wouldn’t want any of this information getting into the hands of an unknown person. Now, if you use a VPN, your information and your activity are safe and secure. Public networks are honeypots for malicious users, so using a VPN when connecting to open, public wireless networks is an absolutely necessary.

#9. Enhance Your Online Gaming Experience

VPN and gaming? Why Yes! VPNs can be essential for online gaming as well. Most online multi-player gaming enthusiasts are well aware of the fact that a great amount of servers and groups are inaccessible to them all because of geo-restrictions. Moreover, it is even common for some DLC and bonus content to only be available in certain parts of the world. But alas, with VPNs, you able to overcome this and access all servers and the content available, ultimately allowing you to compete with anyone in the world.

As a bonus, many of you may know that it is very common in tournaments for opponents to play unfair and deploy DDos attacks on opposing servers so that others in the tournament disconnect and default out of competition. Well a VPN service eliminates this underhanded scheme and ensures fair play.

#10. Downloading P2P (Torrents) and the Legal Backlash

Torrents are still really popular and while using torrents and P2P services is perfectly legal, you can easily go be in trouble when you download copyrighted content. A majority of the countries don’t focus much on this, but some really bigs do. If you are determined to have been downloading copyrighted content, you can face legal penalties, even jail time in some cases. When you use P2P services without a VPN, then everyone in the peer session, your ISP, and anyone connected on the same public network can view your download activity. But when you using a VPN, this issue is a non-factor. If your ISP and anyone else doesn’t know that you are downloading torrents, they have no way of knowing if that content is copyrighted.

Disclaimer: All of the information in this article is meant for educational purpose only. We do not condone copyright infringement. Users should access only content for which they have legal rights.  If found accessing copyright material, you could face serious legal problems. Read our full disclaimer

Bonus #Tip: Prevent People from Tracking Your Sensitive Web Research

It’s quite possible your job might require you to perform research on very guarded and sensitive issues like like war atrocities, child abuse, government conspiracies, etc. When the people safeguarding this information notice that you are looking into such content, then they may start taking more interest in you. This can be a possibly dangerous and threatening situation, making it wise to avoid such threats. The only way to hide your work and continue researching freely is to use a VPN.

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Be Careful While Downloading and Streaming

Downloading and streaming are important aspects of the modern internet user. While doing neither is illegal, you can get in a lot of trouble if you are not careful. When downloading torrents, be careful to hide your activity otherwise you face the risk of facing legal action. When using Kodi to access free streaming links, be sure to hide behind a VPN connection so that your movie viewing experience doesn’t take a bad turn.

Also, using a VPN can help you when streaming content through any service, since your ISP won’t be able to know about it. This is especially important for downloading and streaming since ISPs often throttle network bandwidth when they find users doing either. So to prevent this from happening, use a VPN that can allow for P2P, offers support for Kodi, and has servers placed all over the world to give you ample of connectivity options to unblock geo-restricted services.

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