How to Setup FireStick and Fire TV

firestick setup guide

Quick Guide on How to Setup Firestick or Fire TV

In this post you will learn how to quickly setup your Firestick or Fire TV and have it ready so that you can access the Amazon Fire TV apps to stream your favorite content. Also, if you have an existing Amazon account, this guide will show you how to properly register your account with this device. Finally, when at finished with all the outlined steps, your device is ready to begin the jailbreak process as well.

Open your Fire TV device box and inspect contents

Firestick 4K Box Accessories
Firestick Plug and Play

Step-by-step Process on to setup FireStick

STEP 1: Take your Fire TV Stick Device. You’ll find a micro-USB port and an HDMI there. Now plug the USB power cord to the micro-USB port of your Fire Stick and plug the other end of the power cord to the Power Adapter.

STEP 2: Now connect the Power Adapter to a power outlet. (Note: It is recommended to use the Power Adapter and not the powered USB Ports offered by few TVs).

STEP 3: Now plug the Fire Stick to any HDMI port on your TV. Please remember the HDMI Port number as you’ll now be required to turn ON the corresponding HDMI input Channel on your TV.

STEP 4: Turn ON your TV and open the corresponding HDMI input Channel. You’ll see a loading screen with the Fire TV Stick logo. It might take some time to load for the first time, so don’t worry.

Step 5: Now it’s time to setup your FireStick remote. First, insert the two AAA batteries included in the box. Now the remote should automatically pair up with the Fire Stick. However, if it doesn’t pair automatically, just press and hold the Home button on your remote for 10 seconds. This will send your Fire Stick to the Discovery Mode and the pairing will be done.

Once the remote is paired with FireStick, press the Play/Pause button to start the set-up process

Firestick Setup 1

Step 6: FireStick will now ask you to choose your preferred language. Highlight the desired language using the navigation keys on the remote and press the Select/OK button on the remote to set the language.

Note: Select/OK is the circular button on the remote enclosed inside the navigation buttons

Firestick Setup 2

Step 7: Your FireStick will now scan for the available Wi-Fi networks within the range. When you see the list of the networks, choose your Wi-Fi and enter your SSID and password (if required) to connect

Firestick Setup 3

Step 8: Now it’s time to register your device to your Amazon account. To continue the setup of your Firestick or Fire TV you should see the following window. If you have an Amazon account, go ahead and select the first option. If not, create an Amazon account first by clicking I am new to Amazon.

Firestick Setup 4

Step 9: Your FireStick will now register. Wait for a few seconds.

Intial Setup 5

Step 10: When the registration is finished, FireStick will ask if you wish to save your Wi-Fi password to your Amazon account.

If you use multiple Amazon devices registered to the same Amazon account as FireStick, it would be a good idea to choose Yes to allow those devices to quickly connect to your Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have any other Amazon devices and don’t even intend to buy one in the future, you might just as well select No

Initial Setup 6

Step 11: If you wish to enable Parental Controls on your FireStick, click Enable Parental Controls on the next screen. If you do so, you will be asked to set up a PIN on the subsequent window. You will need to enter the PIN for most activities on FireStick.

If you don’t need Parental Controls, simply click No Parental Controls to proceed.

Initial Setup 7

Step 12
Next, you need to set up the provided Firestick remote with added power and volume buttons. Choose your brand of TV.

Initial Setup 8

Step 13
Adjust the volume to sync the Firestick remote with your device using the + and – buttons on your device. Click Yes when you have selected your ideal volume.

Initial Setup 9

Step 14
A video will then play outlining how to use your Firestick or Fire TV device. To skip, simply press the Fast Forward button on your remote.

Initial Setup 10

Step 15
You may install any streaming services that you prefer. (If you are going to jailbreak your device, there is no need to install any available apps.)

Firestick Setup 11

Step 16
You can now access the Firestick home screen.

Firestick Setup 13

Voila, you’re done.

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