How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Install Morph TV on FireStick

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Morph TV on FireStick. The guide also works for FireStick 4K and Fire TV Cube. With Morph TV, you can watch unlimited movies and shows for free. Keep reading!

Morph TV is an on-demand media app with tons of free Movies and TV Shows.  It is a clone of the very popular, but no longer supported app Morpheus TV. While you can still install and use Morpheus TV on various Android devices, it is no longer backed by its developers. Therefore, it is destined for a certain shutdown soon.

Morph TV, on the other hand, is relatively new and has a team of active developers behind it. While I write this guide, this app is being regularly updated with new content. The developers are also releasing new updates and versions from time to time.

Warning FireStick Users: Read Before Continuing

All governments and ISPs everywhere monitor their users’ online activities. If you are found streaming copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick, it can land you in serious trouble. Currently, your IP is visible to everyone. I very strongly recommend you to get a good FireStick VPN and hide your identity so that your movie viewing experience doesn’t take a bad turn.

I use IPVanish which is the fastest and most secure VPN in the industry. It is very easy to install on any device including Amazon Fire TV Stick. IPVanish also has a special deal where you can save over 40% on many of their plans.

Here are the reasons why you must use a VPN all the time.


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Features of Morph TV

  • Morph TV has a huge library of movies and shows. It is also regularly updated with new content
  • For now, Morph TV is completely ad-free. It may not last forever, but it seems it will continue like this for a while
  • The app offers Trakt integration allowing you to easily manage your watchlist and favorites
  • Morph TV also allows Torrent streaming. This proves useful when a video doesn’t fetch a lot of playback links. In order to use Torrent service, you must enable this feature from within the app settings
  • The app also supports subtitles for almost all the videos

Important Prerequisite: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

When you are installing a third-party app on FireStick, you must first change one security setting called Apps from Unknown Sources. By default, FireStick keeps this setting disabled due to security reasons. But, apps like Morph TV are safe and you can enable it without any worries. Follow the steps below:

  • Select Settings from the home-screen of FireStick (on the menu bar on the top)
FireStick Home Screen
  • Select and open My Fire TV or Device depending upon the FireStick version you are using
FireStick Settings Screen
  • Click Developer Options
FireStick Settings Screen 2
  • If it is OFF, click Apps from Unknown Sources and switch it ON
FireStick Settings Screen 3
  • Choose Turn on when you see the following prompt
FireStick Settings Screen 4

This will let you install any third-party app on FireStick including Morph TV.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Morph TV is a third-party app and hence it must be sideloaded onto your FireStick device. Since FireStick does not permit direct download from a browser, we will use sideloading app for this purpose with the Downloader App.

Install Morph TV APK Using Downloader App

If you have been using FireStick for a while, there is a good chance you may have already used Downloader. If not, you may install it directly from the Amazon Store.

Downloader is my favorite side-loading tool. Here is how you use it to install Morph TV on FireStick:

  1. Run the Downloader app
  2. On the right part of the window, you must see the text box to enter the URL. Click that box.
How to install morph tv on firestick
  1. Using the onscreen keypad enter the following URL:

    Click GO to continue
How to install morph tv on firestick 2
  1. Wait for a few minutes to let Downloader app download the Morph TV APK on FireStick
How to install morph tv on firestick 3
  1. As soon as the file download is finished, Downloader will initiate the installation procedure. Click Install on the bottom right of the next window
How to install morph tv on firestick 4
  1. Wait while FireStick installs the Morph TV app. It takes about a minute
How to install morph tv on firestick 5
  1. The following App Installed notification confirms that Morph TV has been installed.
How to install morph tv on firestick 6
  1. Go ahead and click Done. We will open the Morph TV app later
  2. Click Delete when you are back on the Downloader window. We will delete the Morph TV APK from the FireStick storage to free up some space
How to install morph tv on firestick 7
  1. Click Delete again
How to install morph tv on firestick 8

Well, that will be all. You have successfully installed the Morph TV app on FireStick using Downloader and also deleted the APK file.

Your FireStick / Fire TV is now all ready to stream your favorite content. However, before you start, I would like to warn you that everything you stream online is visible to your ISP and Government. This means, streaming free movies, TV shows, Sports might get you into legal trouble. 

Thankfully, there is a foolproof way to keep all your streaming activities hidden from your ISP and the Government. All you need is a good VPN for Fire Stick. A VPN will mask your original IP and will help you bypass Online Surveillance, ISP throttling, and content geo-restrictions.

I personally use and recommend IPVanish, which is the fastest and most secure VPN. It is compatible with all kind of streaming apps and is very easy-to-install on Fire TV / Stick.

We do not encourage the violation of the copyright laws. But, what if you end up streaming content from an illegitimate source unintentionally? It is not always easy to tell the difference between a legit and illegal source.

How to Use the Morph TV App on FireStick

The interface of Morph TV app is slightly different from the other such apps. But it is quite straightforward and you get used to it quickly.

To access Morph TV, you will first need to go to Your Apps and Channels section on FireStick. That’s because the newly installed apps aren’t featured on the home screen. Here is how you do it:

  • Hold down the Home button on the remote of your FireStick for nearly 5 seconds
  • A window will appear on your screen. Click Apps
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select Morph TV You can run the app from here
  • If you want to move the app to the home-screen, press the menu key on your remote
  • Now click Move on the menu in the bottom right corner of your TV
How to use Morph TV
  • Move the app and drop it in the first, second or third row for it to appear on the home-screen (press Select/OK key on the remote to drop the icon)

Let us now explore the app a bit.

This is the home-screen of the Morph TV app on FireStick. It has the following options:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Downloads: Where you find all your downloaded videos
  • Settings
How to use Morph TV 2

Note: If a new version of the app is available, you will find it Update button on the bottom. While you may continue using the existing version, I recommend updating the app to the latest available version.

When you click an option on the home-screen, another set of categories is displayed. For instance, when I clicked Movies, I see the following options:

  • Trending
  • Popular
  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Watchlist
How to use Morph TV 3

When I click Trending or Popular, I find the list of the movies in this category. If you are looking for something specific, you can always use the Search option. Favorites section contains the movies you have marked as favorite. Watchlist section stores the history of the movies you have watched.

When the playback is requested for a video, Morph TV scrapes the servers with the videos and lines up the various playback links. You can choose the desired link and start the playback. This also tells that Morph TV does not host any content. It is simply an aggregator.

Winding Up

Well, this is pretty much it about Morph TV. I hope you enjoy this app because I certainly do. I wished there was Real-Debrid support too, as it truly enhances the viewing experience. Let’s hope that it is added in the future. How do you like Morph TV? Feel free to let us know via the comments section below.


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